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We at Bin Al Mas, an Animation Video Production Company in UAE create captivating videos that help you promote your business, make your brands visible and reliable. With several years of experience in UAE, we've been providing our clients with custom animated videos and excellent animation video services overall.

Animation Videos In the Modern Age Of Advertising

Animation videos are an engaging instrument that helps in telling your story. Around 65% of the people around are visual learners and 90% of information is visually transmitted to the brain.

As there are so many videos that are trying to grab the viewer's attention, Animated videos can be a powerful tool for any advertising campaign as it is guaranteed to grab the viewer's attention, Animated videos can be a powerful tool for all advertising campaign as it is guaranteed to attract viewer's attention.

Why choose us for your Animation Video Production ?

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Why Animation Video Production Service in UAE?

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Majority of the customers prefer watching a video than reading the content. The customer preference will lead to animated video explosion in the online media. A professional animated video production can help in better lead generation and conversion. Animated video can influence sales in large numbers as is the preferred mode of present age advertising.

Benefits of using animation videos VS traditional ads

It grabs the viewer's attention

Internet users take very little time in judging online content. The animation video has the power to evoke emotion which resonates with all the viewers. It sparks conversations and engages the audience to follow you brand or story.

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Besides this, nowadays many people don't like or appreciate intrusive marketing ads. They are getting replaced with animation which is a popular instrument on which people pay more attention to a well designed video. Our talented and professional team are all set with ideas to design an animated corporate video of your choice.

Visually simplifies complicated messages and ideas.

The popular animation companies are known for simplifying complex topics with their attractive and short animated video. They bring life even to the tough concepts that a normal video or text cannot do.

Our animation studio in Abu Dhabi & Dubai can make any character talk in the way you want, it can make them move and travel easily. With the best use of animation, different mechanisms and processes can be easily shown.

Our animation video production company simplifies difficult topics and that can be watched to learn every complex matter easily.

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Creative videos always stand out

The advertisement which makes use of animation turns out profitable and powerful in promoting the company's products or services without any hassle. As the animated advertisement includes different visual elements, this attracts customers with added effectiveness and displays the brand identity and values too.

As an animated video production company in Abu Dhabi, we can help you in adding a new dimension to your marketing campaign that helps in creating a positive impression on customers easily.

Different Animated Video Styles

  • Infographic Videos
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Explainer Videos
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Corporate Animated Video
  • Stop Motion Animations
  • Video Presentations
  • Safety Videos
  • Motion Graphic Videos
  • Architectural Walkthrough
  • 2D & 3D Architectural Video
  • Promotional Videos
  • Logo Animation Video
  • Image + typographic Video
  • Educational Videos
  • Startup Videos
  • Animated Social Media Videos
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The best part is that with an animated video you can also promote your products and services on social media sites, when interested and enjoyed by the viewers, these are further shared with family and friends. This offers better visibility, easy promotions and can be shared easily by colleagues, family and friends.

As an animated video production company in Dubai & Abu Dhabi - UAE we can help your product gain high-end visibility in the market through a short and crisp animated explainer video.

Our Animation Video Production Services

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