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Professional Voice Over Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi -UAE

The best voice over company with professional voice over service can do wonders for your business, whether it is online, on TV, an ebook or any other form of content. An engaging voice urges people to listen to it.  A lot of people don’t have the time to read content that you create.  However, having high-quality voice overs can enable people to get to know about your content while they’re busy completing their daily tasks. So, if you want your business or brand to attract more customers then our company’s voice over services is the best option you can go for.

We offer a whole range of voice over services that you can make use of. We believe in complete customer service and you can find what works perfectly for you.

Professional Voice Over Artists In Abu Dhabi

 No voice over project can be great without a experienced and professional voice over agency. All of our voice over artists in Dubai, Abu Dhabi are trained and know how to give a unique voice to your content. Our Voice Over Studio have highly qualified and experienced voice artists that will help you improve and build upon the professional image that you have. Our voice talents have experience with a wide variety of things such as voice dubbing, recording ebooks, advertisements for radio, television, animated videos voice over, office presentation, spokesperson, hotel promotions, voice over narration and much more.

The voice you want

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a male voice over, female voice over or a kids voice over to record your content. Just let us know what kind of voice you require and we will cater to your needs. Even in the type of gender you choose you can have a wide range of nationalities and accents like British voice over artist, American voice over artist, You can get our male voice over , female voice over and Kids voice over talent to record in different tones (professional, excited, formal, informal, deep voice over, etc.) in order to ensure that your message is conveyed in the manner you want.

Different Languages

At our leading voice over agency in Dubai - Abu Dhabi, you can select the kind of language you want the voice over work to be in. Our versatile voice talents are able to record in 50+ different languages. This means that you can even promote your business or brand in front of potential customers that speak different languages for better communication.

A variety of Services

When you’re working with us you can make use of our wide range of voice over services from our professional studio in Abu Dhabi.

 IVR - Telephone on Hold Message : Why not keep your customers well informed about your services and products while they’re on hold with a professional voice over an IVR - Interactive Voice Recording message? Let the telephone be your marketing tool 24/7 by keeping your customers engaged and interested in your company while on hold.

Radio ads: We can create exceptional radio commercial / spots / jingles with background music and special effects for your business or brand. 

Ebooks: Audio books are all the rage these days.  Readers prefer to listen to a book rather than read it. Allow us to record the audio for your ebook to help it reach more people. It will also give you an opportunity to upload and sell on Amazon and other sites.

Voice dubbing: Whether it is an ad, short movie or more, we can professionally voice dub the content you have, and that too in different languages, to broaden your customer base.

When you work with us you have the guarantee that all of our voice work services will be of top-quality and exactly what you wish for. 

Female English Voice Over


Female Arabic Voice Over