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We create videos that have the feel of the mobile app, walk you through the different features and functions of the app.

Hundreds and thousands of mobile apps are being developed and launched everyday and so are the users.  Customers  look at various features and functionalities, how it is personalized, how easy it is to understand and based on this they use the app.

Have you launched a new product or service on a Mobile App?

Almost all businesses who have some sort of online business that promotes products or services have a mobile app.  A successful app is when you get people to use it.

So as to get the app popular  we create Mobile app explainer video to inform your customers about how to use the services which helps in increase number of the mobile app installation.  

Lets take a quick look at two key reasons why video has become an increasingly important marketing tool.

Video Works because it walks you through the entire app, explains the features or the functions of the app thus making the end user understand and make decisions a lot faster and easier.  After watching  it also encourages customers and give them the confidences  to start using it immediately.

People love  our video as the video will have a voice over in any language of your choice to explain the process.  It is easier to share, leaves a lasting impression; quick to watch and the recall value is high.

Google loves videos so it is important to create a mobile app explainer video that can be uploaded on your website or on the app store.  It will boost the Google rankings massively when a video is uploaded as compared to text.

Why to choose us for your Mobile App Explainer Video production?

We Understanding the App

We help in creating an explainer video for the mobile  that talks to the viewer directly and explaining the benefits and offers thus ensuring that your targeted group understands what purpose your app serves.

Exposure and add ons

We have voice over to explain the process, functioning and the different stages for the app thus making it ease for the user to go through quickly.  By creating a mobile app explainer video you market it and reach a wider audience and also build the customers confidence.  Research shows that explainer Videos have been a very effective strategy for mobile apps.


We create professional mobile app videos that high conversion rate. This can be achieved after the audience watches a mobile app marketing video about the product.  By watching the mobile app explainer video of the products usage and advantages,  customers confidence is built and they are likely to purchase or download the app thus leading take some action.  It also motivates the user to download the app thus leading to conversions.

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